Dwarf My Party Testimonials


“We just wanted to pass on our regards from saturday night the 31st. Everybody absolutely loved Arti! Sat night will def be one we will never forget! We got heaps of grreat photos! Arti is a bloody champion with all the good moves.. A cruisey funny funny man!! Our Bday boy thought he was a cracker!! You guys are on a great wicket and cannot speak highly enough about dwarf my party! Thanks again.”
Brylee and Matt

“Thanks again for all your hard work with the Single Ladies challenge and say thanks to Arty and Mr Big for us. ”
Emily – Nova 100

“Pass my thanks to Blake for attending the 696 party on Saturday. He seemed to enjoy himself. Certainly everyone that met him enjoyed his company that night, and I believe he may have collected a few “facebook friends”. Mr Big has a new cheer squad! Of course, thanks to you also for arranging things. I hope that you and your team have plenty of fun in the lead up to Christmas, and a good rest afterwards.”
John Powell – The Bee Wrangler: Pest Management Services

“Dwarf My Party recently helped host the launch and fundraiser for one of DayEight’s new projects. The guys mingled with the crowd, and got people up out of their seats and interacting with the nights events. When it came to raise funds the Dwarf My Party team did an incredible job of getting people to contribute; they raised 10 times the amount of money the rest of our team managed to raise! Dwarf My Party are fantastic, and DayEight will definitely be calling on them again to host and promote at our events in the future.”
Matt Donazzan – DayEight

“Attention people of the world! Dwarf my party rocks! We got DMP on board for the first annual Positive Posters Exhibition which was held at the Rooftop Bar on Wednesday 11 November 2009 – the night was a success beyond belief and DMP was a major factor in this. From the second the boys stepped into the party the whole vibe of the Rooftop was brightened!

Jeremy, Blake and Arty are pocket rockets – full of energy, excitement and fun! They have a way of generating a positive atmosphere, which is exactly what we needed for our exhibition. These guys brought it, I really mean it – they are the ultimate novelty! They built rapport with our audience and even managed to raise over $400 in just two hours!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE DWARF MY PARTY! Thanks for an amazing night guys, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and i hope to see you again very soon!”
Tash – Positive Posters

“Thanks Jem, the kids really enjoyed the concert. You are becoming a bit of a legend around here. Friday will give the year 8’s a taste of what is to come, so that the “Learning to Live Day” will be more meaningful to them.”
Terry Hill – Mount Lilydale Mercy College

“I want to tell you that the manner in which you spoke to the kids yesterday was spot on for their age level. The information you included, your order of delivery and the comfortable way you spoke was perfect. Especially in the way you altered your manner of delivery for the older kids. When we returned to the classroom, from your talk, the kids generated a list of sentences and comments to reflect upon what they learned and what they liked. I think you would be very happy with their responses, not only because they love you, but because they got your message. They said things like…

* It’s good to be big or small
* Size doesn’t matter, we are all people
* You can be friends with anyone
* If you bully people, you miss out on play and could lose your friends.
* It’s good to be any size, just be a good person

You’ve done a very good thing for us. Hada feels great, she’s been very happy and the kids are more undertsanding of who she is. The kids are saying “dwarfsome”! Hada’s mum, Raniyah, thanked me repeatedly for having you come to the school. This is a family who not only are working out how to best care for their dwarven child, but have only been in the country for 6 months; and you have helped them to feel at home and be supported here.

Perhaps you remember Thomas, the autistic boy I talked to you about… He has really come to understand Hada now. It wasn’t enough for him to hear it from me, he needed to meet you to understand. You’ve helped an autistic child better understand people, which is a big achievement. And you taught some pre adolescent who are starting to think they are a bit cool for school, that they need to have respect for others and respect for themselves.”
Nicole N. – Chalcot Lodge Primary School